Meet Our Founder: Sean Powell

Sean Powell, a Virginia Commonwealth University alumnus and a Richmond native, is the visionary behind the innovative Workshop RVA and the Eco-Friendly Fundraiser. Inspired by a childhood surrounded by altruism and community service, Sean has dedicated his life to fostering empowerment and sustainability in Richmond.

Workshop RVA, established in 2018, is a unique co-living, co-working space that combines retail and studio elements, designed to support and inspire local entrepreneurs and creatives. Amidst challenges like COVID-19 and social unrest, Sean has adapted Workshop RVA to continue its mission, focusing on youth empowerment and community resilience.

Extending his vision of communal upliftment, Sean launched the Eco-Friendly Fundraiser to encourage the adoption of renewable energy sources and sustainable practices in Richmond. His efforts are not just enriching the local community but also paving the way for a more sustainable future.